How do I order?

My shop restocks about once a month on a Saturday at 7 pm EST, typically a week after I finish shipping the previous restock. The best way to follow the opening of my shop is through my Instagram page at @mycandypanda and Stephanie and my Facebook group at Candy Panda Wax

How much is shipping?

Shipping is one flat rate of $10.75 for shipping in 2-3 day priority USPS boxes. 

How long should I let the wax cure? 

This is a personal preference! Many people like to cure their wax for 2 weeks. By the time you receive your wax, it has already cured a week, so you're welcome to cure another week. 

Do you combine shipping?

Yes we combine all multiple orders from the same restock. When we combine orders, we refund the shipping as well :) If you order multiple items in one order, the website will automatically combine shipping!

Do you refund shipping? 

The only shipping we refund is combined shipping {see above}. If you place more than one order in a restock, I'll refund the shipping so it will only cost you the same as if all the orders were placed in one order :)

Do you have cart hold? 

No, there is not cart hold. 

Do you ship outside of USA? 

Currently we only ship within the USA. 

Are and the same company? 

Yes, I run all the preorders, which include samplers and 5-packs. Stephanie does the ready-to-ship stock. But it is the same product and company! {and no, we are not competing >.<, we love each other :P}

Do you offer samplers? 

Yes, I make all our preorders and samplers. Samplers are an AMAZING way to try out a variety of new scents. If you like a scent, feel free to request it from us for the next restock!

Can you combine orders from and 

No, Stephanie and I live 2 hours apart from each other and are unable to combine orders placed on different websites. We also restock and ship on different schedules. But you can always check our "bio" on our Instagram pages! We update ship and restock dates when available.

Can I make changes to my order or cancel it after it's placed? 

No, unfortunately we cannot cancel orders after they have been placed. If you will have a different address by the time I ship, send me an email through the "Contact Us" on the website. I will note it and manually change it before I ship out! If your address was typed in wrong, you can also place a hold on your mail and pick it up at your local office. But if you have any questions or concerns, please let me know!

What's your TAT (turn around time)? 

My TAT is about 4 to 6 weeks, depending on the amount of inventory sold. The shipping dates will be announced before the shop opens. Please note that weather delays, family emergencies, etc. will affect ship dates. I will definitely keep you guys posted! I always post progress on Instagram and Facebook! 

Do you offer refunds? 

No, we do not accept returns or exchanges. We don't process refunds for inventory purchased through our website. 

I won't be able to order during the restock, can I place a preorder? 

We can NOT hold inventory for any reason whatsoever. If items sell out, they will ONLY be restocked if time permits. I will announce on Instagram if I do add more inventory!

Do you need a sponsor? 

No, we do not need a sponsor. 

New policy effective April 1st, 2016: If you inflict stress upon me or Stephanie for no reason of our own, you will be required to send me a bottle of Irish Whiskey and a pint of fancy gelato. Stephanie demands a bottle of Makers and a plate of fine cheese. No exceptions.  

Thank you guys for the undying support! We love you very very much <3