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Eternal Summer Sampler - PREORDER

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✨ $17.00 ✨ 8-10 weeks turn-around-time (last day of shipping is Oct. 8) ✨ US & PayPal only ✨ $10.75 shipping {no matter how many you get!} ✨

Eternal Summer Sampler $17 (16 scents, +1 mystery)

Arnold Palmer- iced tea lemonade
Beach Hair Don't Care- coconut, Hawaiian floral blossoms, and a hint of lemon zest
Brand New Key- vanilla sugar coconut, fresh cucumber and sweet citrus fruits *NEW*
Boy Next Door- blue sugar + exotic melons and cucumber *NEW*
Cancer Season- ripe mangoes, sweet melon blend, blackberries, and raspberry white tea *NEW*
Clueless- sour raspberry cream soda *NEW*
Fireflies- peach nectar and lemon mint white tea *NEW*
Kick Jump Twist- watermelon fizzy
Kissed a Girl- bright red and green apples, pears, lilies, tropical jackfruits, pineapples, and white florals *NEW*
Lip Smackerz- lemon strawberry iced marshmallow squares
Moonbathing- sweet lavender, cotton candy fluff, and plump berries fizzy blend *NEW*
Rainbow Slinkies- blonde moment + raspberry rainbow pop *NEW*
Strawberry soda- strawberry, fizzy pop
Summer Fling- spring cleaning + Honolulu sun (fresh cut melon, island coconut, palm leaves)
Summertime Sadness- mango, honey, pear and watermelon
Sunburst- volcano fizzy