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Swirled Loaf - PREORDER

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✨ $13.00 ✨ 10 week turn-around-time (final day of shipping is June 22, 2020) ✨ US & PayPal only ✨ $10.75 shipping {no matter how many you get!} ✨

Swirled Loaves, $13 (~11 ounces) scents available:

-Alice in Wonderland- Tea & Cakes (fluffy, moist almond pastry soaked in fresh-brewed black tea) + blueberry cake donut
-Are You Afraid of the Dark?- an eery dusty breeze around a late night bonfire
-Fire Demon- apples, cloves, nutmeg and fire-roasted marshmallows
-Goodnight Moon- lavender + Sinus Relief (Vicks vapor scent)
-Strawberry Soda- strawberry, fizzy pop