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Tarot Deck Vol. 1 Sampler - PREORDER

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✨ $13.00 ✨ 10 week turn-around-time (final day of shipping is June 22, 2020) ✨ US & PayPal only ✨ $10.75 shipping {no matter how many you get!} ✨

Tarot Deck Vol. 1 Sampler, $13 (12 scents, + 1 mystery scent) includes:

-Queen of Pentacles- all about that g-r-e-e-n: sweet orange and tangerine zest, wild ivy and aloe + Matcha Maker (green tea and lemongrass) *NEW*
-Knight of Wands- the go-getter: white cedarwood, oakmoss, zesty citrus, creamy caramel, vanilla sugar and patchouli leaves *NEW*
-The Moon- oh so bright in the night sky: deep sea water, bergamot, patchouli, sea salt, orchids, notes of jasmine, on a base of wood and musk *NEW*
-The Lovers- do you choose love? : Argan Magic Type (a sheer floral accord with ripe red fruit tones and warmed with exotic woods) + Cicada Song (green agave flower + pear juice) *NEW*
-Three of Swords- in the throes of heartache: earthy patchouli, lemongrass, notes of amber and geranium, on a base of flowery musk *NEW*
-The Tower- upheaval and time for a rude awakening: dragon's blood, amber, incense, patchouli, sweet valencia orange, rosemary and sparkling mint *NEW*
-The World- you're an old traveled soul: clove tobacco leaves, hint of basil, black tea, cedarwood, sandalwood and vetiver *NEW*
-The Magician- anything is possible with all the elements! : bright grapefruit and ginger, green leaves, sweet lemon balm, fresh lemons and mint *NEW*
-Ten of Cups- harmony and bliss for the rest of your days: green clover and aloe + The Great Outback (eucalyptus, peppermint and a zingy lemongrass base) *NEW*
-The Emperor- be the leader you've always wanted to be: Breathe Me (herbal potion of citrus, sage and mystery--unisex scent) + So Fresh + So Clean (fresh spa scent, sweet ocean undertones) *NEW*
-Temperance- a little bit of this and a little bit of that: true lavender, citrus blossoms and fresh clean laundry *NEW*
-The Chariot- charge forward with that new found determination! : sexy blend of rose, jasmine, gardenia, lilies, neroli and honeysuckle *NEW*