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Wax 5 pack - PREORDER

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✨ $5.00 ✨ 10 weeks turn-around-time (final day of shipping is Monday, April 1st, 2019) ✨ US & PayPal only ✨ $10.75 shipping {no matter how many you get!} ✨

Scents available for 5 packs (total ~4 ounces) include:

-Black Hole Sun- Sweet Tarts + Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
-Follow You Into the Dark- Midsummer’s Night (masculine cologne scent with hints of citrus) + Lovespell (fruity cherry blossom and peach)
-Forest Spirit- sweet, crackling bark
-Grape Goddess- grape jolly rancher (the best flavor)
-Honey I Washed the Kids {HIWTK}- sweet combination of honey, toffee and caramel (inspired by Lush)
-I Spiked the Punch!- a strong cider made from maple brown sugar pears, pomegranates, oranges, nutmeg and apples
-Kissed a Girl- bright red and green apples, pears, lilies, tropical jackfruits, pineapples, and white florals
-Kodama- lush green forest foliage
-Kooky Coco Puffs- Crunchy coco puffs cereal, sugar cookie, and topped with whipped cream
-London Bridge- like a fresh baby detergent scent, with a light and powdery base
-Melontea- juicy melon, matcha green tea + Earl Grey Tea (black tea with a twist of bergamot)
-Pink Moon- strawberry + graham crackers and Marshmalloween (toasted marshmallows)
-Rosemarrily- Rosary’s Rosemary (rosemary + fresh mint) + Buttermint (butter peppermint candies that melt on your tongue)
-Silver Haired Fox- freshly shaved, powdered, and smelling of rich vanilla and musky sandalwood
-Slumber Party- lavender + peppermint butter candies
-Snow Covered Hills- crypress, fir and eucalyptus, sweet vanilla, teakwood and light smoke
-Spring & By Summer Fall- creamy vanilla and coconut, strawberries + jasmine and cedarwood
-Three Little Kittens- baby powder, French lavender, musky amber, and sweet vanilla beans
-Vietnamese Coffee- sugar milk coffee