Girls Just Wanna Have Fun Sampler: Airhead, Bye Beach, Hey Mami, Hoechatta, Kissed a Girl, Pop My Cherry, Scorpio, Stargirl, Summer Blonde, Thirst Trap, Tinderella, Trap Queen, Trippy Hippy, Venus in Furs *mystery scent: Girls Just Wanna Have Fun

Tarot Deck Vol. 1 Sampler: Queen of Pentacles, Knight of Wands, The Moon, The Lovers, Three of Swords, The Tower, The World, The Magician, Ten of Cups, The Emperor, Temperance, The Chariot *mystery scent: High Priestess 

Candy Panda Greatest Hits Vol 1. Sampler: 3rd Planet, Avograss, Baby's Arms, Breakfast at Kara's, Cat Bus, Cotton Candy Cocktail, Day of the Dead, Don't Dream it's Over, Earl Gray Lavender Cake, Fire Demon, Fruit Loops, I Heard Your Heartbeat, Insomnia, Lord of Chaos, Marshmalloween, The Olive Tree, Sleep In, Tea & Cakes, Thirteen, Twilight

Happy Merry Holly Jolly Sampler: Candy Cane Land, Christmas Decorations, Cousin Eddie's Eggnog, Fir Sure, Goody Garlands, Hallelujah, Honey Pear Cider, I Spiked the Punch!, Ponche, Santa Baby, Snow Covered Hills, Winter Blanket

Lush-urious Sampler: American Dream, Avograss, Candy Fairy, Day of the Dead, Gray Pearl, Honey I Washed the Kids, Lord of Chaos, Northern Nights, The Olive Tree, Porridge, Rock Star, Ro's Jelly, Snow White, Twilight, Walk of Shame, Winter Cake, Wondernova, Yog Nog, Yuzu & Cocoa *mystery scent: The Great Outback

The Herbalist Sampler: The Apothecary, East of Eden, Fresh Mint, Garden Dirt, Garden Mint, Greenhouse, Lavender Sachet, Rosary's Rosemary, Wintergreen *mystery scent: The Herbalist

Eternal Summer Sampler: Arnold Palmer, Beach Hair Don't Care, Brand New Key, Boy Next Door, Cancer Season, Clueless, Fireflies, Kick Jump Twist, Kissed a Girl, Lip Smackerz, Moonbathing, Rainbow Slinkies, Strawberry Soda, Summer Fling, Summertime Sadness, Sunburst *mystery scent: Eternal Sunshine

The Cereal Collection: All Growed Up, Breakfast at Kara's, Brunch Time, Cereal Bar, Femme Fatale, For Cereal?, Killing Me Softly, On Thursdays We Throw it Back, Morning After, Rainbow Krispies, Sunday Morning, Sweet Jane, To Be Announced, The Underdog, Yuli's Heart Attack *mystery scent: Royal Throwdown

Spruce It Up Sampler: Flower Crown, Ghost Town, Mahogany Cotton, Morning Mist, No Face Takes a Bath, Pillow Fight, Rainy Days, Soul Oasis, Spirit in the Sky, Spring Cleaning, Sweet Sheets, Two Sheets to the Wind *mystery scent: Clean Getaway

Bedtime Stories Sampler: Baby Bee, Babydoll, Baby's Room, Bedtime Bath, Counting Sheep, Goodnight Moon, Little Boy Blue, Lullabye, Three Little Kittens *mystery scent: London Bridge

Bluesberry Sampler: 7 Deadly Sins, Alice in Wonderland, Boo Bread, Blueberry Pancakes, Blue Myself, Breakfast at Stephanie's, Cordon Bleu, Panda Cakes, Panda Crunch, Re: Stacks *mystery scent: Blue Blood

Naughty or Nice? Sampler: Salty & Sweet, I Spiked the Punch!, Frosty Beard, Christmas Decorations, Snow in December, Cindy Lou Who, Winter Blanket

Halloweenie Sampler: Are You Afraid of the Dark?, Hollowmalloween, Wednesday Addams, The Murder Mystery, Hocus Pocus, Flying Witch, Meet Me in the Woods, Spooky Spooky, I Put a Spell on You, Ghost Sweat, Practical Things, Binx *mystery scent: Handbook for the Recently Deceased

Fallin' Through Sampler: Alice in the Pumpkin Patch, Glass Slipper, Crisp Autumn Morning, Apple Zucchini Bread, Black Yoga Pants, Ugg Lyfe, Chubby Cheeks, Kinky Krumpets, Salted Caramel Popcorn *mystery scent: Apple Pudding Pie

Candy Panda 101 Sampler: Lord of Chaos, Alice in Wonderland, Fairy Loops, Coney Island, Femme Fatale, Avograss, Ro's Lemonade, Southwind, Blueberry Cake Donut, American Dream, Sunday Morning, Baja Cactus Blossom, Barbershop *mystery scent: Black Raspberry Vanilla

Sticky Situation Sampler: Know it All, Toothache, Five Second Rule, All Tomorrow's Parties, Sugar Plum Fairy, To Be Announced, Planet and Stars, Chewing Gum *mystery scent: Bubblicious

Fancy a Cuppa? Sampler: Cozy Evening, Rose Earl Grey, London Fog, White Earl Grey, Wake Me Up *mystery scent: Melontea

Pink Polly Pocket Sampler: Pink Lady, Hey Mami, Late Night Booty Call, Sugar Baby, PIllowtalk, Sweet Dreams *mystery scent: Barbie World

Ripe for the Pickin' Sampler: Baby Cakes, Panda Berries, Strawberry Waffle Cone, Fell in the Sun, Thirteen, Soul Sister, Spumoni, Lip Smackerz, Pop the Glock *mystery scent: Daisy Dukes

Man Bun Sampler: Silver Haired Fox, Fine Leather Goods, Mark No. 2, Pool Boy, Honeymoon, Lumberjack, Fly Me Out, Birch & Black Pepper, Aqua di Gio, Gunslinger, Team Aidan, The Other Woman, Million Dollar Man *mystery scent: Papi Chulo or Team Big

Day at the Laundromat Sampler: Spirit in the Sky, Spring Cleaning, No Face Takes a Bath, Forest Families, Mahogany Cotton, Freak in the Sheets, Gingers Have Souls, Lavender Laundry, Blankets on the Beach, Bedsheet Ghosts, Laundry Day *mystery scent: Flower Crown

Fluffy White Clouds Vol. 2 Sampler: Marshmalloween, Don't Dream It's Over, Pink Moon, You Should've Come Over, Meet Me in the Woods, I Love You Honeybear, Girl Inform Me, Pistachio Fluff Cake, I Heard Your Heartbeat, Sugar Coma, Lemony Snicket *mystery scent: Hot July Moon

Be Still My Heart Sampler: Garden Mint, Lemongrass + Green Tea, Spearmint, French Vanilla & Oak, Lavender Chamomile, Insomnia, Eucalyptus + Spearmint, Goodnight Moon *mystery scent: Truly, Madly, Deeply

Fluffy White Clouds Sampler: Marshmalloween, Don't Dream It's Over, Pink Moon, You Should've Come Over, Meet Me in the Woods, I Love You Honeybear, Girl Inform Me *mystery scent: Pistachio Fluff Cake

Mint Condition Sampler: Trap Queen, Wonderful Christmastime, Pick Me Up, Salty Sea Monster, Starry Night, Go the F*ck to Sleep, Mint Machine, Lay Me Down *mystery scent: Mint Condition

Jarritos Mexican Pop Sampler: Lima-Limon, Strawberry Soda, Cherry Pies & Cola, All Tomorrow's Parties, Blue Suede Shoes, Kick Jump Twist, Mandarina, Love on the Brain, Toronja, Cheers Darlin', Stones Around the Sun, Green & Gold *mystery scent: Old Money or Mangonada

#TreatYoSelf Sampler: Fine Leather Goods, Fragrances, Velvet Slippies, Mahmosas, Cashmere Velvet Candy Cane *mystery scent: Treat Yo Self

Spell on You Sampler: Freak in the Sheets, Hunting for Witches, Pretty Pimpin, Bed of Roses, 50 Shades of Cray, Tinderella, 6 Inch Heels, Bad Gal Kiki, Follow You into the Dark *mystery scent: Velvet Choker

4 Years, 7 Weeks, 1 Day Sampler: On Mondays We Bake Cakes, On Tuesdays We Get Tacos, On Wednesdays We Eat Apples, On Thursdays We Throw it Back, On Fridays We Clock Out, On Saturdays We Change Our Names *mystery scent: On Sundays We Take Pictures

Coffee House Playlist Sampler: The Coffee Shop, Vietnamese Coffee, Kaffa, Boozy Nights, Orange Cranberry Scone, Midnight Snack, Cinnamon Dolce Latte, Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies *mystery scent: Doodle Donut Holes

Studio Ghibli Vol. 2 Sampler: Cat Bus, Flying Witch, Forest Spirit, No Face Takes a Bath, Cliff by the Sea, Fire Demon, Jiji the Black Cat, Soot Soot, Kodama, Sticky Red Buns *mystery scent: Totoro

I'm Super Cereal Vol. 2 Sampler: Sunday Morning, MMMBop, The Underdog, Rainbow Krispies, Cereal Bar, OOPS! Berries, All Growed Up, Brunch Time, Morning After *mystery scent: Sunday Afternoon

The Faceted Lady Sampler: Amethyst, Citrine, Rose Quartz, Amber Aquamarine, Moonstone, Kyanite, Sunstone *mystery scent: Turquoise or Labradorite

Dreaming of a White Christmas Sampler: Sweater Weather, Christmas Tree, Hollydaze, Silent Night, Elf Sweat, Wonderful Christmastime, Cabin Fever, Sweet Potluck, Goody Garlands, Naughty Elf *mystery scent: Ho Ho Ho'ing

Studio Ghibli Sampler: Cat Bus, Flying Witch, Forest Spirit, No Face Takes a Bath, Cliff by the Sea *mystery scent: Fire Demon

Yasss Kween Sampler: Lipsync, Main Stage, LHOYFL, Feel the Fantasy, Spill the Tea, Throwing Shade, Shantay You Stay, Sashay Away *mystery scent: Bitch Fest

Aphrodite's Sun Room Sampler: Lemon Ginger Tea, Lemon Slice Spritzer, Artemis, Vanilla Chai Tea, Earl Grey Tea, Arnold Palmer, Golden Apple, Lemongrass & Green Tea, Persephone, Forbidden Drink, Dionysus *mystery scent: Aphrodite's Mirror

Golden October Sampler: Apple Zucchini Bread, Cinnamon Stix, Pumpkin Cronut, Gramma's Apple Pie, Oak Barrel Cider, Pumpkin Spice Latte, Spiced Apples & Peaches, Apple Cider Donuts, Caramel Apple Butter *mystery scent: Crisp Autumn Morning

Seasong Sampler: Ocean Breathes Salty, Blanket on the Beach, Summer Fling, Pale Blue Eyes, Salty Hair, The Balkan Shore, Driftwood *mystery scent: Waves Know Shores

#AllLavenderEverything Vol. 2 Sampler: Lavender & Chamomile, Lavender Laundry, Lily Lavender, Lavender Lemonade, Insomnia, Coco Milk & Lavender, Herbs, Lavender Lemongrass, Lavender Cakes, Poisoned Apple, Lavender + Sea Salt, Desert Nights, Lavender Mint mystery scents: East of Eden and Greenhouse

Ice Cream Shoppe Sampler: Candy Clouds, Spumoni, Strawberry Soda, Bettie Berry Milkshake, Glazed Cinnamon Donuts *mystery scent: Berry Burst Sorbet

State of Mind Sampler: Baja Cactus Blossom, Almost Paradise, Salty Hair, Yosemite, Just Us Girls *mystery scent: Summer Fling

I'm Super Cereal Sampler: Sweet Jane, Femme Fatale, Coney Island, MMMBop, Sunday Morning, 3rd Planet, The Underdog, Rainbow Krispies, Cereal Bar *mystery scent: OOPS! Berries

Trip to the Market Sampler: Fresh Picked Strawberries, Cool Citrus Basil, Cucumber Lemonade, Peach Cobbler, Lavender Lemonade, Strawberry Raspberry Guava, Blackberry Jam Butter Cookies, Rosemary Mint Spritzer, Apple Zucchini Bread *mystery scent: Orange Tree

Clothesline on the Front Porch Sampler: Spring Cleaning, Spring has Sprung, Meadows, Birch & Black Pepper, Fir Sure, Summer Breeze, Recycled Air, Morning Mist, Cashmere *mystery scent: Cypress & Berries

Go the F*ck to Sleep Vol. 2 Sampler: Insomnia, Babydoll, Dream Machine, Late Night Booty Call, Cozy Evening, Starry Night, Trap Queen, Freak in the Sheets, Ohm, European Bath *mystery scent: Sleep In

The Little French Bakery Sampler: Breakfast at Stephanie's, The Coffee Shop, Stroopwafel, Creme de la Creme, Gâteaux Gato, French Pain, Pan Dulce, Vietnamese Coffee, The Little French Toast, Chocolate Croissant *mystery scent: Lemon Ice Box Cookies

Summer Solstice Sampler: Mint Julep, Sunbathing, Summersong, Fruit Salade, Sunkissed, Honey Honey, Bright Young Things, Watermelon Lemonade, Southern Belle, Postcards from Italy *mystery scent: Southwind

The English Tea Room Sampler: Tea & Cakes, Baby Cakes, Frog Prince, Lavender Cakes, Coco Cakes, Panda Cakes, Merry Happy, Tea & Biscuits, Gretchen's Cakes *mystery scent: Tiny Pink Cakes or Pop My Cherry 

Merry Go Round Sampler: Funnel Cake, Blue Slushie, Who Loves the Sun, Kettle Corn, Coney Island, Fried Oreos, Meemaw's Lemonade, Lemon Drops, Cotton Candy *mystery scent: Caramel Apples

Soda Machine Sampler: Cherry Fizzy Pop, Icarus, Summer in the City, Sunburst, Grape Phizzy, Birds of Paradise, Taste the Rainbow, Across the Universe, Phoenix Rising, Field Below, Peach Fuzz, Hotline Bling, Diamond Disaster *mystery scent: Cotton Candy Blast or Blue Skies

Girls Night Out Sampler: Chardonnay, Mandarin Mimosa, Be My Valentine, Palm Beach Cooler, Cotton Candy Cocktail *mystery scent: Pop Dem Bottles

Basic B*tch Lyfe Sampler: NF Zombie, Black Yoga Pants, Triple Venti Vanilla Latte, PSL, Hella Good, Ugg Lyfe *mystery scent: Cherry Pies + Cola

Lazy Mornings Sampler: Jelly Donut, Femme Fatale, Sweet Jane, Coney Island, Blueberry Pancakes, Sunday Morning, Birthday Cake *mystery scent: Coffee Cake

Go The F*ck To Sleep Sampler: Insomnia, Babydoll, Dream Machine, Baby's Room, Late Night Booty Call, Double Stress Relief, Cozy Evening, Starry Night, Pale Blue Eyes, Daydreamin', Midnight Snack *mystery scent: Go The F*ck To Sleep

The Alchemist Sampler: Pink Sugar, Lavender, Fizzy Soda, Lemongrass, Vanilla Bean Noel, Lemonade, Zucchini Bread, Ice Cream Scoop Bread, Blueberry Cobbler, Tea & Cakes, Berries, Fizzy Pop Candy, Blonde Moment, Fruit Loops, Captain Crunch, Ro's Jelly *mystery scents: Strawberry White Cake, Lemon Mint Leaf

Mini Aromatherapy Sampler: Lemongrass + Green Tea, Shampure, Bergamot, Balsam + Cedar, Fir Sure *mystery scent: The Mediterranean 

Flowers in Her Hair Sampler: Peonies, Cool Citrus Basil, Gardenia, Lemongrass, Sun Kissed Plumeria, Midnight Pomegranate, Romance, Sun Tea, Rain & Angelica *mystery scent: Muse

Drinks On Me Sampler: Strawberries & Champagne, Peach Bellini, Mango Mojito, Passion Colada, Pink Sangria *mystery scent: Sex on the Beach or Mandarin Mimosa or Sparkling Mojito

#AllLavenderEverything Sampler: Lavender, Cozy Evening, Lavender Vanilla, Lavender Chamomile, Lavender Laundry, Lily Lavender, Lavender Lemonade, Insomnia, French Lavender & Honey, Lavender & Coconut Milk, Herbs, Huntsman, Lavender Bergamot, Lavender Cakes, Poisoned Apple, Lilylemon, Lavender Tea, Lavender Peppermint *mystery scents: Double Stress Relief, Lavender + Sea Salt, Bright Morning or Lavender + Sea Salt, Purple Sands, Desert Nights

BBW Type Sampler: Sweater Weather, Brown Sugar & Fig, Pumpkin Apple, Sweet Pea, Cranberry Woods, Black Raspberry Vanilla *mystery scent: Black Pepper Bergamot

Aromatherapy Sampler: Lemongrass + Green Tea, Rosemary Mint, Shampure, Eucalyptus & Spearmint, Lavender Chamomile, Lavender Vanilla, Lavender Laundry, Bergamot, Balsam + Cedar, Biolage, Cozy Evening *mystery scent: Insomnia

Afternoon Tea Sampler: Tea& Cakes, Vanilla Almond Biscotti, Creme Brûlée, Lemon Pound Cake, Spiced Crumb Cake, Carrot Cake, Red Velvet Cupcakes, Pumpkin Apple Butter, Vanilla Chai Tea, Let Em Eat Cake, Cucumber Lemonade, Irish Cream Coffee, Caramel Macchiato, Caramel Apple Cider, Lily Lavender, Ro's Lemonade *mystery scents: Alice in Wonderland & Sun Tea or Alice in Wonderland & Berry Bake or Fresas Con Crema & Berry Bake

Breakfast Sampler: Femme Fatale, Sweet Jane, Fruity Pebbles, Jelly Donut, Oatmeal Milk & Honey, Earl grey Tea, Vanilla Hazelnut Coffee *mystery scent: Sunday Morning

Favorite Things Sampler: Birthday Cake, Candy Cigarettes, Tea & Cakes, Juicy Watermelon, Cola, Coney Island, Fruit Loops, Barbershop, Bubblegum, Key Lime Pie, Black Raspberry Vanilla, Blueberry Cake Donut, Fir Sure, Fizzy Pops, Lavender Lemonade, Olive Tree, Panda Sunset, Citronella, On Wednesdays We Eat Apples, Banana Nut Bread, Butterscotch Candy, Apple Cider Donuts, Cotton Candy, Fruity Pebbles, Captain Crunch, Juicy Pear, Lavender & Coconut Milk, Yuzu *mystery scents: Elf Sweat, Butter Pecan, Chai Tea, Eggnog

Lush Type Sampler: American Dream, Avograss, Bathos, Comforter, Dirty, Floating Island, Candy Fairy, Flying Phox, Honey I Washed the Kids, Soft Core, Jungle, Lord of Chaos, Lust, Olive Tree, Porridge, Rock Star, Ro's Jam, Walk of Shame {Sex Bomb}, Sikkim Sirens, Skinny Dippin, Snap the Whip, Snow Cakes, Snow White, Wondernova {Supernova}, Sultana, Trichomaniac, Vanillary, Yummy Yummy Yummy *mystery scents: Elf Sweat, Butter Pecan, Chai Tea, Eggnog